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Welcome to our primary school

The Education System in Poland

Primary school is for students aged 7-15 years old. This year we accept Polish students to the following grades:

grade 1 - children born in 2014

grade 2 - children born in 2013

grade 3 - children born in 2012

grade 4 - children born in 2011

grade 5 - children born in 2010

grade 6 - we don't currently admit to grade 6

grade 7 - children born in 2008

grade 8 - children born in 2007

We may admit Ukrainian students to the same grade as they learn currently in Ukraine.

That is why you need to have an interwiew with the school principal before we admit your child to school.

If you want to enroll your child, please complete the form and send us info:

1) your child's: name, family name, year of birth, country of origin, address in Poznań

2) write if your child has a PESEL number, passport or birth certificate

Thanks for submitting!